Thede Loder at the University of Michigan


Indeed, Greetings! I am currently a Ph.D student in the University of Michigan's Computer Science department, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. My interests include multi-agent systems, self-organizing systems, and mechanism (incentives) design. In particular, I am interested in how decision making and hardwired value systems in individual agents can affect macro-level system characteristics. Selected armchair-academic interests include: evolutionary biology and psychology, MEMS, Artifical Life, public policy, intellectual property law and economics.

Background Brief

I studied Mechanical Engineering as an undergraduate, then spent 7 years in the Internet startup craziness - first at and later at Leverage Information Systems in San Francisco, where I was co-founder and CTO. Leverage produced the Locomotive, an open source Java-based application server. When Leverage was acquired, I became a partner in technology-strategy consultancy Diamond Technology Partners, of Chicago. At Diamond I discovered the field of multi-agent systems (in many contexts: technology, biology, culture, corporate dynamics) and have returned to school here at the U of Michigan to investigate in greater depth.


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Office phone (137 ATL): 734-936-3874
Email: my Michigan uniquename is "tloder". Please use